What Are You Waiting For?

Taj MahalSomething that comes up again and again in my life is the question of how I have time to do everything I do. I have a lot of thoughts on time management and cutting wasted time, but a big part of it comes down to priorities and jumping in head first.


A lot of people are afraid to make big changes in their lives. I know exactly how that feels. Once upon a time, I seriously considered moving to Israel. I had everything I needed to do it ready to go. I had the money, I had family and friends there, I was single and on the verge of a layoff from an old job. The timing was perfect.

However, I didn’t do it. Everything was just too comfortable at home to risk moving to the other side of the world. My family and close friends were all in Denver. I had a new job prospect, which led to my current job. It was safe and comfortable.

So, I didn’t make the big change. But I have made other changes in my life. I bought a condo, I have traveled internationally alone, I took the jump off of a cliff in Costa Rica. There are many scary things in the world, but if the opportunity is great enough and the risk is low enough, we take the step.


On the other side of the coin, if something is inspiring us more than we are afraid of the change, we are more likely to take a step. Whether it is your career, where you live, traveling, starting a business, or making a lifestyle change, you need to be inspired to do it.

I have had many grand ideas in my life. Some of them, like Narrow Bridge Finance, I started on the whim of an inspired moment. Others, like my new project Pinboard Maps, have taken a lot more planning.

The key to doing these projects is to be inspired either by the idea or the result. If you find the right thing to do in life, you will know it. You will do it. There is just one trick.

Just Do It Already

For many years Nike said “Just Do It” in their advertising. They were on to something. At the end of the day, the only person stopping you from doing awesome things is you.

I once had a conversation with a friend about going on a trip overseas. We were talking about planning it, and she said that there is no way it could happen for at least a few years. I asked why. She didn’t have an answer.

In the time since, I have been to four new countries plus a handful of Caribbean islands. She hasn’t.

If you want to do something amazing, don’t wait for an invitation. Don’t wait for it to feel comfortable. Just take the inspiration you have and do something. It could be an amazing experience. It could change your life.

Image Friar’s Balsam/flickr


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