Life List

Inspired by Chris Guillebeau at the Art of Non-Conformity, I have decided to create a life list, also known as a bucket list.  This list will constantly evolve.  I hope to live out my dreams and share them with you.

One Year (2014):

Get married

Visit Canada

Learn Curling – Took curling lesson in February

Make My Own Pickles

To be continued

Five Year:

Visit India for two weeks

Dance all night in Ibiza

Attend South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival

Go to Burning Man


Visit Every State in The United States (See State Tracking Page)

Spend Passover in Jerusalem

Tour Machu Picchu

Climb Lots of Colorado 14ers (See my 14er tracking page)

Spend six months in Europe

See the Rock of Gibraltar

Learn how to fly a plane

Drive a race car really fast

Smoke a Cuban cigar in Cuba

Before 2011:

Write a book (see

Record a CD (see

Extended trip to Israel


Visit London for a week

Get LASIK/PRK and stop wearing glasses

Learn to DJ


Visit a friend somewhere outside of Colorado

Pay off student loans

Create a niche website that makes money – See my new Elk Hunting site -Success!


Publish a paper book

Spend a weekend in Las Vegas (carried over from 2012 list)

Go to Israel

Get new hardwood floors at home

Visit at least one friend out of town

Read the entire Harry Potter series