A Recap of 2011

This has been quite a year in the life of Eric Rosenberg. I have ventured through exciting trips, new projects, non-profit volunteering, entrepreneurial adventures, and keep ramping up for more as the year comes to a close.


While this blog ebbs and flows, I have had a successful blogging year overall. Narrow Bridge Finance has become a real income source for me and I will be incorporating my blogging projects into an LLC in January.

Some highlights:

  • 100,000th page view on Narrow Bridge Finance
  • Roughly tripled traffic on Narrow Bridge over 2010
  • Published 1,800th post at The Israel Situation
  • Welcomed 150,000th unique visitor to The Israel Situation
  • Welcomed nearly 3,500 readers on my personal blog

Denver Flash Mob

I took this group from a partnership to my own LLC for reasons you can find on this site. It was a challenge moving on as a solo project, but partners and friends made it an amazing year.


  • Had 250 dancers for Born This Way dance flash mob
  • Welcomed new sponsors to keep the company alive
  • Built a following of over 3,000 fans

DJ Yofi Project

I marked learning how to DJ off of my life list, and I made incredible steps forward. I recently released my 13th episode of the Yoficast (free download at DJYofi.com). I also had live events at X Bar, Bar Standard, and Heebonism 2011 at City Hall. I helped hundreds of people dance the night away and have no plans to stop in 2012.


I finished out my term as Treasurer of B’nai B’rith Denver, the oldest Jewish organization in Colorado, and was elected for a second year. I must not have done too bad of a job. I also served on the growing young professional committee where we planned a cemetery cleanup, camping trip, “slosh-dallah,” and have a full list for next year.

I was a new addition to the board of E-3 Events (I claimed the title “E4”), where I work with amazing people to plan fun, Jewish, social events in Denver. Our highlight was this week’s Heebonism where hundreds of Jewish young people danced and socialized on Christmas Eve.

Life List

In addition to the DJ goal, I took my trip to London (with Paris and Amsterdam as a bonus) and had laser eye surgery. My only missed goal in 2011 was to climb 3 new 14ers. I will have to put that one on hold until the summer. (I have plans to tackle a new one with Aaron Ralston and my sister over the summer!)


This was a year of Omaha, New York, Chicago, Kansas City, London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Costa Rica. My favorite thing to do is see new parts of the world and experience new things in new places. It was a huge success.

I have spent time with family and friends. Become closer with great people, purchased a condo, moved in with a new roommate, danced till dawn, and made it out feeling more alive than ever before.

Next Year

I will count down to 2012 with my parents in San Jose, Costa Rica. From there I will travel through the rain forest and spend a few days relaxing on the beach. It is a fitting start to a new year with new adventures ahead.

Stay tuned to this site and my others to see what I can come up with. Whether you need finance help or have questions about the situation in Israel, I hope to be a part of your life next year.


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