Thoughts at Thirty

I woke up this morning at 2:00am because I had to go to the bathroom. When I rolled over and looked at the clock, I realized that the first thing I had to do in my 4th decade of life was waking up mid-sleep. I hope that is not a sign of things to … [Read more]

SLR Cameras Take Great Pictures!

We recently invested in a D-SLR camera, which stands for digital single lens reflex. SLR cameras are the big ones that you see people carry around with the giant lens on the front. I am super excited about how it has been so far. Here are my first … [Read more]

How to Become a B-List Blogger

Even the most famous actors and bloggers started with day one. It takes time, practice, and hard work to make it to the A-List in anything. But before you get to the A-List, you have to stop by at the … [Read more]